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10 Lesson Plans for Teaching Your Students About Health

The older students become and enter high school, the more important it is for them to learn about health and how to take care of their bodies properly and safely. Teachers can follow lesson plans to make teaching smooth and easy to understand to their high school students. Ten health-related lesson plans will be discussed throughout this article.

There is a difference between listening and hearing so this is a lesson plan that helps students, especially those in high school, grow into good listener as well as learn how to communicate well. This way, high school students can prepare themselves for when they graduate and go to college or start working to really listen to people, rather than just hearing them. Also, being a good listener and communicator affects learning in a positive way.

A perfect lesson plan to help high school students prepare for adult life by teaching them how to budget financially by buying healthy foods as opposed to getting foods from fast food restaurants. Not only that, this plan encourages students to make sure they eat foods from the basic four groups and pay attention to their calorie intakes every day.

It is very important to teach this lesson to students, preferably before they start having sex, so high school students are good “targets” for this lesson plan. Teachers touch down on different kinds of STDs and see that students learn about dangers of them. Also, high school students learn about what is true and what is false about STDs as well as old-time beliefs about them before they learn about them the hard way; getting a STD.

Teachers use this lesson plan to find a comfortable way to talk about sex, perhaps substitute the word “sex” with different words that high school students may be comfortable using when talking about it. The students figure out a way to respect themselves and others when it comes to initiating sex if they desire to. Or, how to comfortably approach the sensitive subject.

High school students learn from this lesson plan on how to identify various mental health disorders by differing signs and symptoms from one another. This way, the students will know when and if to help themselves or their loved ones/friends if a mental health disorder is possibly noticed.

This is another very important lesson plan to use with high school students so they can recognize signs of an abusive relationship, whether they are in one themselves or they see someone they know being in one. If the signs are there, the students will learn how and when to help the affected person/people.

A lot of people feel that they could use drugs or drink alcohol and not be affected by them. They do not realize that they do not necessarily feel the effects to actually be impaired. This is where the lesson plan comes into play so they can see how drugs and alcohol intake reduce people’s capability.

This lesson plan is usually used by physical education teachers to explain the benefits of being physically active on a daily basis and why it is important.

Another lesson plan that helps high school students get ready for after they graduate. They learn how to make important decisions that may or may not affect their life and may or may not have an impact on how they behave accordingly.

Teachers take advantage of this lesson plan to promote healthy lifestyle by eating properly and exercising on a daily basis to keep their desired weight in control. High school students also learn about the consequences for when they never or stop maintain a healthy way of living.